AppStar – a salesmen’s best friend

We call it a visual sales app, a powerful tool that makes sales inspiring, fun and efficient. With presentations, graphics, films and images collected in one place, the sales situation becomes both inclusive and truly professional. The app lets you organize the information just as you want it, and you can feel confident that you always have the latest information at hand.

By choosing AppStar you have full access to all the material in your phone, iPad or
laptop even when you are offline.


– the benefits


  • Facilitates the sales job and reduces your sales costs
  • Save and organize presentations, graphics, films and multimedia files in one place
  • Send push notices to the sales team
  • Share information directly from the app with your customers
  • Display specific information during defined time periods
  • Divide the information internally and externally
  • Excellent search function
  • Calculator allows you to quickly provide your customer with a price estimate
  • Easy to update

The interactive fair/event

We transform the physical fair with associated activities into the digital world, which also includes events, such as Kick-off conferences. We tailor the digital environment based on profile and wishes / purpose. Appstar virtual fair includes; movie sessions, 3D animations, Live TV with chat function, demos. One-to-One meetings.

Meetings that surprise and involve.

Some of our customers

Seco Tools –
campaign app

When Seco Tools launched new drills, they wanted to promote them in a global campaign. The marketing department had produced films, presentations, brochures and catalogs to support sales and the sales force needed to collect the information in a smart way. They also needed to be able to access the material offline. With AppStar, they got all this covered. Sales can now download all the material to their device and use it in meeting with their customers, share material on the go and receive messages, updates and news from the headquarters. The app works for both iOS and Android.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology –
offering guide

A common challenge for the sales team is that they often work offline at their customers in mines and remote places. Hence, they were looking for a solution that works without network connection. With Sandvik Mining Offering Guide, they have collected all the information they need about the company’s offer, assortment and functionality. Everything is searchable, simple to share with customers and easy to print directly from the app.

Uponor –
Sales Support App

Uponor offers high quality pipe-systems for professional installation, as well as tailormade and turnkey solutions for contractors, consultants and property owners. Historically, Upnor has collected their product assortment in a catalogue, but were ready to go digital. Some of their requirements were the possibility to quickly update the app with the latest product information, a really good search function and the opportunity to share information with customers via email and print. With AppStar, they got all that, and more.

About AppStar Sweden AB

It used to be fairly easy. Back in the days, a business decided what values to fill their brand with. Then, they advertised. Largest advertising budget won, simply put. Today, the customers determine the power of your brand to a larger extent; their opinions, stories and images set the agenda. It puts new demands on the businesses: they have to be genuine.

We, at AppStar Sweden, are passionate about the power of brands. With deep insights into the art of building a brand, combined with a great business interest, we have created AppStar Sweden. Because we know that a sales force with the right tools and skills is the company’s sharpest brand builder.

AppStar Sweden is owned by Vidéa Film AB and ü-marketing AB.

Contact information

Lennart Schüllerquist

CEO & VP Marketing
Mobile: +46 70 589 79 52


Ulf Gradin

VP Producer
Mobile: +46 70 333 48 47



AppStar Sweden AB
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