Business Concept

Customized and easy-to-use Apps that makes your business fly.
The idea with AppStar Sweden AB is to provide our customers with customized,
easy-to-use Apps, that will help them to keep control of their business within these areas;

Sales Support App

AppStar provides you with a easy-to-use App
that works both online as well as offline.

1. Store and organize presentations, graphics, films and multimedia files in one place.



2. Push sales and build the company brand by adding advertising content, promotion-campaigns and company values.




3. Send push notifications and share content via email. Send Live-TV or distribute streaming videos.


By using the Sales Support App, you will get the latest Information at your fingertips – Always!


AppStar - Pull and Push Sales

Our Cases

Seco Tools -
Campaign App

AppStar Sweden has for Seco Tools AB developed a sales support App for a global campaign regarding two of their new drills. The App is a native App where the sales force downloads all the material to their own device. Meaning the App works both offline as well as online. The App is developed for both iOS and Android.

It contains all the sales support material (videos, presentations, brochures and catalogues) that is needed in interaction with their customers.

The App can be maintained and updated by own personnel instead of needing to use consultants. I also contains a possibility to send Push notifications from the Headquarter to their global sales force.

Sandvik Mining -
Offering Guide

Sandvik Mining Offering Guide is a quick guide to the complete Sandvik Mining offering to mining their customers, showing the depth of the product range, as well as its functionality and suitability to the mining? processes.

A challenge with digital sales tools is that you cannot expect to have access to the internet when you are out on customer visit for example in a mine. Therefore, the solutions have a smart offline support - AppStar Sweden Native App. Everything in the app is searchable, easy to email and print.

Uponor –
Sales Support App

Uponor offers high quality pipe systems for professional installation as well as tailormade and turnkey solutions for contractors, consultants and property owners.

Uponor came to us and wanted their catalog to be transformed into an app. An app that could easily be updated with the latest product information.

The Sales Support App that we provided Uponor is searchable, easy to email and print.

Contact information

Lennart Schüllerquist

CEO & VP Marketing

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Ulf Gradin

VP Producer

Mobile: +46 70 333 48 47

Anneli Hillman

Project Manager

Mobile: +46 76 784 94 94



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